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January 11, 2010
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Ra-zac and Lethrblaka by Baby-Blue-Bell Ra-zac and Lethrblaka by Baby-Blue-Bell
I've just finished reading the inheritance trilogy for the second time. I love these books and thought bugger it! I'm gonna do some fan art!!

There are so many good characters in the books that I can't be boring and just draw Eragon and Saphira. So I'm gonna do a series of 8 (hoping my computer holds out :P) including the most important characters. Starting with the baddies, the Ra-zac and their steeds the Lethrblaka.

I did my best to stick to the descriptions of them. They look a little too alien-ish but I'm pretty happy with them. They're always cloaked in the books but I wanted to guess at what they're bodies looked like in full hence why the smaller one is naked. The Lethrblaka is not to scale and I only drew one 'cos it would've been quite cramped with them both in the pic.

Anyway let me know what you think, I'm interested to know if I pictured them the same as everyone else:D

-These characters to C.Paolini-
Trinitite Nov 26, 2010  Student General Artist
You read Eragon too! That is my FAVORITE series EVER! Good job with the drawing! That is the first drawing I've seen of the Ra'zac that actually fits.
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